Cable installation operations between Lepe to Gurnard 1/5/18 – 15/5/18

A-2-Sea Solutions Ltd are planning to install a fiber optic telecommunications cable between Lepe Country Park on the mainland and Gurnard Ledges on the Island and have supplied us with the following information.

The basic plan of operation is:
1/5/18 – 4/5/18: Land cable on Lepe Beach
5/5/18 – 11/5/18: Lay cable across the Solent via a barge on a 4 point anchor spread (moving on anchors at 6mtrs per min with no manoeuvring capabilities).
12/5/18 – 14/5/18: Lay cable over Gurnard Ledge and land cable on to Gurnard Beach.

The image  shows the route and boundaries:

We aim to complete the installation on time and with the least amount of disruption; however, the environmental conditions can be unpredictable over this length of time which can lead to slight delays in the above timings.

If your members observe the barge during any events, please can you make them aware of the anchor wires and that they can be up to 500mtrs out from the barge.

Any approach towards the barge must be made with caution to reduce the chance of injury to crew or damage to vessels. It is advisable to keep at least 300mtrs distance from the barge in the deep water channel and 500mtrs distance in all other waters.