updated 24 February 2021

We are pleased that outdoor sport and recreation is part of step 1 of the Government’s Recovery from Lockdown 3 which has a target date of 29 March 2021. Your Flag Officers are working to enable a safe return to sailing as soon as the Government’s roadmap allows. This website will be updated when we have further information, which is dependent on detailed Government regulations and necessary RYA guidance becoming available .
In the meantime, whilst the Club’s facilities remain closed, from 8 March 2021 individual members who live locally may access their boats in the pounds to carry out important maintenance as their daily permitted recreation outside. No social gathering is permitted!

Plan last updated – 11 January 2021

The WSC COVID Recovery Plan has been updated to version 15 and promulgates the measures adopted by Flag Officers to comply with these new regulations. The accompanying WSC COVID-SECURE Risk Assessment (SF1022), that provides the legal basis for the Club’s continuing operations, has been updated to Version 8.

On 4 January 2021, the Prime Minister announced further nationwide restrictions (we call this “LOCKDOWN 3”) in light of rising numbers of COVID-19 cases across the country. These apply with immediate effect and were made law on 6 January.

In response to Lockdown 3, the RYA has issued initial guidance (updated 8 January 2021) and the Harbourmaster has issued an updated Notice to River Users (No 3 of 2021). Both of these are subject to update should further clarification be received from Government. Warsash Sailing Club must apply these within the context of Government guidance and the law.

The law requires that sports clubs must close and the RYA has confirmed that sailing clubs must close their facilities to members.

The River Hamble remains open for activities permitted by the Law, the Harbourmaster has confirmed that recreation and leisure and spending a night onboard are excluded from permitted activities on the river. However, boating (including sailing boats / yachts) as daily exercise and visiting a boat to maintain and ensure its safety are permitted activities.

The RYA has interpreted that boating is permitted as a form of exercise (once per day), provided that:

  • Boaters are able to safely access, launch and recover their boats from a public space (i.e. without using the facilities of a sailing club);
  • Boaters are able to do the above without leaving their local area;
  • The relevant waterways authorities permit boating (see HM Notice to River Users);
  • That boaters are on their own, or with one other person (with social distancing) or with their household / support bubble.
  • It is not a form of organized boating (such as sail racing) which is not permitted.

Consequently, considering the above within the context of the law, the following applies at WSC with immediate effect:

  • All WSC buildings (i.e. Shore House including balcony and gardens, Lobster Building, RIB Shed, outboard store, youth sailing store) are closed to members.
  • All private afloat facilities (i.e. Shore House Jetty, Lobster Jetty) are closed to members, although their use in a genuine boating emergency would be permitted. Shore House slipway is in a public open space and thus is not closed.
  • Club boats (i.e. Launches, RIBs and sailing dinghies) may not be used by members. Exceptionally launches may be used by authorised users to enable them to effect essential repairs to their boats moored afloat. (Note: The Hon Sailing Sec is exploring with members the use of a Club work boat manned by member volunteer workers to periodically check member’s boats moored in the River – this would be carried out as a permitted activity).
  • Members may access their boats located ashore in Shore House and Lobster Quay Pounds (e.g. to facilitate exercise in a public open space). However, members may not use the Club facilities in a pound (e.g. may not rig, de-rig, or use wash down). Furthermore, members may not congregate or conduct social activity within pounds, strict social distancing is mandatory.

Should members decide to choose a boating activity as their permitted single daily exercise then they are strongly advised to first consider as part of their risk assessment:

  • If this is within the spirit of the Government guidance and the law which is designed to deal with the COVID-19 national emergency and protect people;
  • The impact that this could have on the emergency services, including volunteer coastguards and lifeboat crews, should you get in to difficultly;
  • The greatly reduced traffic on the river and therefore limited opportunities to report incidents.
  • You cannot launch from a Club jetty or rig in a Club pound, but only from a public open space.

Given the current cold weather conditions, we would recommend that Club members carefully consider their personal risk assessments before exercising in this way. We also ask that members continue to consider the public perception of their actions.

Club Staff and officers will continue to work from the Club premises, to maintain the Club in a safe and secure material state and in a functional operating condition.

We will update you when we can, our main concern is that of the wellbeing and health and safety of all our members and staff, and to be following the law and government advice and staying safe.

The activity table below summarises the status of activities etc within WSC.

ACTIVITYLockdown 3 highlighted text has changed in this update
Anticipated DateFrom 5 January 2021
Shore House BuildingClosed to members
Shore House GardenClosed to members
Lobster BuildingClosed to members
General SailingNot permitted using WSC facilities which are closed
Club Racing – Risk AssessedNo
Youth Training – Risk AssessedNo
Club RHIBs – SafetyNo, permitted workboat use only
Launch AccessNo, exceptionally may be used to assist effect emergency repairs to members’ boats moored on the river. Requires prior notification.
Other Club BoatsNo
Shore House JettyClosed to members, emergency use only
Lobster JettyClosed to members, emergency use only
Shore House SlipwayYes, as it is in a public access area
Shore House and Lobster PoundsLimited, members may enter to access their own boats (e.g. to enable use for permitted exercise in a public open space). May not rig, derig or use wash down.
Outboard ShedClosed to members
Cruiser RacingNo
Cruiser RalliesNo plus no sleeping on board overnight.
Adult TrainingNo
General TrainingNo
Sea Scout AccessNo
Open MeetingsNo
Bar (See Annex C Part 2 for Guidance)Closed
Catering (see Annex C Part 2 for Guidance)Closed
Socials / members’ functionsNo
Vulnerable peopleStrict social distancing, minimise physical attendance. Extremely vulnerable persons to shield.
Club AdministrationYes, members to contact by phone or email
Club MaintenanceYes, Bosuns will remain at work to maintain the Club and Boats in a safe state
Club AccountsYes, mostly working from home
Members’ bookingsNo
Building cleaning / disinfectingRoutine cleaning will be continued as a COVID-Secure measure
Security DutiesSecurity person to conduct external security checks only entering buildings if issues suspected.
Local Alert StateAlert state 5
What does the rest of England look Like?Lockdown