COVID-19: Recovery Step 2

Updated –10 Apr 2021

Recovery Step 2 applies from 0001hrs on Monday 12th April. Step 1 allowed us to restart afloat activities like sail racing. Step 2 allows us to do a few more things at WSC:

  1. Open Shore House patio and balcony seating to those eating TMS food and non-alcoholic drinks, including takeaways. Further details will be provided by our TMS caterers.
  2. Slightly ease entry for one person / household to use Shore House toilets downstairs when the building is open in the working week. You must register and wear a face covering on entering the building.
  3. Slightly ease use of Lobster Building when open by organised activity co-ordinators. However changing rooms and toilets are currently limited to controlled single person / family use. Lobster Building will also be open “COVID SECURE” for vocational training arranged by the Club’s Training Centre Principal. Again, you must register and wear a face covering on entering the building.
  4. Stay overnight on your boat (single person / household).
  5. Raft up two deep when alongside Shore House jetty. 

Although legally possible, for a number of reasons, the Bar Committee is not yet able to serve alcohol to those seated outside. The Bar Committee is working on this, and you will be kept informed when this changes.

If you are coming down to WSC then:

  • Do not visit the Club if you are experiencing COVID symptoms or are self-isolating.
  • Our very strong advice remains that if you are going sailing, then you should change before coming down to WSC 
  • Adhere to the overarching guidance to limit the spread of infection, this applies irrespective of having acquired some form of immunity via prior infection or vaccination:
i.e. sanitise after touchingi.e. wear face coveringi.e. 2metres or 1metre with extra precautions i.e. Ensure maximum ventilation if inside
  • Remain aware of the public perception of recreational and Club organised sailing / boating at WSC. The rule of 6 applies when ashore;
  • Please pull together and lend a hand as we return another step towards normality, we are not a “turnkey” club.

Please make yourself aware of the Club’s 2021 recovery plan v2  which gives an overview of the follow-on steps 3 and 4  and the related COVID-SECURE Risk Assessment. Both documents are legally required before the Club can operate. The latest plan provides all the supporting guidance from the Government and RYA in its Annexes, so it is a “one stop shop”. The plan will be updated as Government guidance changes and Members should be alert for updates. A precis of Step 2 permitted activities follows:

Anticipated Date From 12 April 21
Shore House Building Limited, staff and permitted member voluntary work only and access for single person / household use of downstairs toilets during working week. Social distancing & face coverings. Can be accessed in a Club emergency. Will be locked out of working hours
Shore House GardenYes, 2m separated groups of up to 6 persons / 2 households
Lobster BuildingClosed except during Club organised sailing activities when open for supervised single person / household use of toilets and changing rooms as coordinated by relevant activity co-ordinator. Showers currently not available. Accessible in a genuine emergency and to assist a disabled person. Classroom for formal Club organised vocational training (e.g., 1st Aid courses) numbers controlled by COVID-Secure “1m plus” seating of 12 persons
General Individual Recreational SailingRecreational sailing is permitted provided that the guidance on social distancing is observed (rule of 6)
Club Organised Racing – Risk AssessedYes, COVID secure, following RYA guidelines for mixed households crewing including committee boats. Groupings controlled by rule of 6 ashore
Club Organised Youth Sailing – Risk AssessedYes, following social distancing rules ashore and RYA guidance for mixed household crewing afloat. Parents may assist but with constraints, not permitted to mix with others
Club Organized Adult Training (e.g. incl WOW)Yes, outside only, ashore in groups of up to 6 maintaining strict social distancing and cleansing, afloat unlimited numbers following RYA guidance
Club Organised General Training Limited by lack of resources, will do assessments and vocational training (e.g. 1st aid) only. COVID-SECURE as detailed by training centre principal
Club RHIBs – SafetyYes, following rules for mixed household crewing and “wash down”
Launch AccessYes, daily cleaning and self-cleansing. Up to 6 / household as passengers
Other Club BoatsYes, daily cleaning and self-cleansing. Up to 6 / household as passengers
Shore House JettyYes – operation iaw byelaw 2.9 to 2.15, plus social distancing & rafting permitted 2 deep
Lobster JettyYes – operation iaw byelaws & Club Temporary Regulations, maintain social distancing
Shore House SlipwayYes, subject to maintaining strict social distancing
Shore House and Lobster PoundsYes, subject to strict social distancing and gathering limits of 6 persons or 2 households, will be locked out of working hours
WashdownYes, subject to maintaining strict social distancing and cleansing
Outboard ShedYes, subject to maintaining strict social distancing and cleansing. Max of 1 person
Cruiser RacingYes, subject to rules on mixed household crews 
Cruiser RalliesNo, plus no sleeping on board overnight
Sea Scout AccessNo Requirement
Open MeetingsPossibly yes, risk assessed
Bar Alcohol could be served to those seated on the patio. However, it is probable that the bar will remain closed, subject to review
Catering Only with table service outside, max table size of 6 / 2 households plus occasional takeaway service. TMS takeaways may also be eaten on patio and in gardens
Socials / members’ functions No
Clinically Vulnerable MembersTake extra precautions to protect from infection
Club AdministrationYes, members to contact by phone or email
Club MaintenanceYes
Club AccountsYes, some working from home
Members’ bookingsNo
Building cleaning / disinfectingBosuns virucide on Mondays else Club cleaner daily, especially areas in use and toilets
Security DutiesSecurity person to conduct external security checks only entering buildings if issues suspected
By the Flag Officers