Dinghy Sailing

Dinghy sailing
Dinghy Sailing at Warsash

The club has a mix of cruising and racing dinghy sailors with over 200 boats in the pounds at Shore House and Lobster Quay. Handicap racing takes place regularly on Wednesday and Friday evenings between April and September, with an average of 30 and 22 competitors respectively and when the weather is good we can see more than 40 boats out. We also organise Mayhems late on Saturday afternoons during the season when the tides are favourable. Winter racing occurs on Sunday mornings from October to early March. All those who race act as Race Officer, RIB support or Starter Recorder, and we are also helped by others members who do not race. The club bar is open following racing and food is available.

WoW (Women on Water) sailing is free to all adult club members and is to encourage you all to get out on the water regardless your ability, it provides a good introduction to dinghy sailing for our new adult members. For younger sailors our Youth section describes these activities at Warsash and our younger members are actively encouraged to take part in club racing.

The most popular dinghy classes at Warsash are: Blaze, Finn, RS Aero, , RS400, Wayfarer, Laser 4.7, Topper, Feva and Pico, however we have over 40 different classes in the club.