Application for Temporary Membership

Application for Temporary Membership

You may apply to be a temporary member for a maximum of 3 months. The cost is £21 per month and, if space is available, dinghy storage is £8 per week.

Payment is not required until we have accepted your application but must be made before you are given temporary membership and allowed to use any of the clubs facilities.

I wish to join Warsash Sailing Club as a Temporary Member for a period of: *
I wish to apply for a dinghy space for this period, at a cost of £8 per week, if one is available *
It may be possible to accommodate a yacht on a road trailers, please contact us.
RISK STATEMENT: Sailing is by its nature an unpredictable sport and therefore inherently involves an element of risk. By going afloat in a WSC boat, you agree and acknowledge that:

  1. You are aware of the inherent element of risk involved in the sport and you accept responsibility for exposing yourself to such inherent risk whilst afloat.
  2. You will comply at all times with the instructions of the skipper/race officer/trial or event co-ordinator particularly with regard
    to handling of boats, wearing of suitable buoyancy aids and clothing.
  3. You accept responsibility for any injury, damage or loss to the extent caused by your own negligence.
  4. You are aware of any specific risks drawn to your attention by the Club co-ordinator/race officer.

MISCONDUCT: You understand that a Club official may exclude anyone from the WSC premises who does not comply with these Registration Terms or who causes damage or annoyance to other persons.

DATA PRIVACY: The information you provide will be used solely for dealing with you as a temporary member of WSC. Our Data Protection Policy can be found here. Please raise any queries concerning this policy with our Honorary Secretary

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