The club has a selection of moorings on the River Hamble which are administered by Russ Fairman email Members can apply for a mooring here.

We sometimes have moorings that are vacant and available for immediate use, please contact Russ.


  • Annual Fee Includes Harbour Dues, Crown Estate Charges & Maintenance (done to a reassuringly high standard)
  • Moorings are also available to Non-Members of WSC (preference given to members for subsequent renewal)
  • (Club Membership has attractive benefits; First option to renew mooring in subsequent year, Dinghy storage, Pontoon, Launches etc)
  • WSC Application Form & Terms and Conditions apply, available on Website.
  • If interested please complete a mooring application and contact Russ to discuss
MooringMarkerLocation (Warsash side)Boat LengthApprox DepthCost
HB22DIn Front of Club HouseSwinging upto 22ft2.0m above CD£681.95
HC26 Downstream of MercuryFore & Aft upto 26ft~28ft0.5m Below CD£923.03
Note: Stated Depth is approx and varies laterally over mooring and should be verified by tenants

WSC administered moorings

MooringMarker ColourChain fathomsMax LengthBand
No chainPile 32ft32ft pile
HC20 HC22 HC24 HC26 HC28 HC30 HC323.5 FthF/A 26ft30ft mud
HB148Q HB148P HB148O HB148N HB148M HB148L HB148K HB148J3 FthF/A 26ft25ft mud
HB146 HB144 HB142 HB140 HB138 HB136 HB134 HB1323 FthF/A 26ft25ft mud
HB744 FthF/A 30ft30ft deep
HB80F HB80E HB80D HB80C HB80B HB80A3 FthSw 26ft25ft mud
HB20E HB20D HB20C HB20B HB20A5 FthF/A 30ft30ft deep
HB6E HB6D HB6C HB6B HB6A3 FthSw 25ft25ft mud
HB22D HB22C HB22B HB22A3 FthSw 22ft25ft mud
HB44 FthF/A 30ft30ft deep
HB4A3 FthSw 25ft25ft mud

Hover over a markers to identify the moorings show in the map.