Spring Series & Championship – Official Notice Board


For the weekend 23/24 April – please note the time limit for lodging protests is 2 hours after the last boat in the class finishes. These times are posted below:

IRC 1 – Time Limit : 15:51

IRC 2 – Time limit : 16:05 – Protests advised in this class today

IRC 3 – Time limit : 15:53

J70 – Time limit : 15:39 – Protests advised in this class today

SB20 – Time limit : 15:55

Protests will be heard at Warsash Sailing Club and the list of protests can be seen by following the link below. Please ensure that there is a representative of each party to the protest available at the sailing club when the protest time limit expires as we will aim to commence hearings as soon as possible.

List and details of protests received.

Outcomes of protests will be updated on the link above.

(None received on 13, 20 & 27 March, 3 April, 9 April)

Protests from 23 & 24 April will be held on those days. At the discretion of the protest committee, hearings may be held by teleconference.

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