Too Much Spinach Catering starts on 1st June

Our new caterers, Too Much Spinach will start providing food this Friday lunchtime.

The Shore House main menu will be available at all normal catering opening times, and will be supplemented by Specials (e.g. for 1st & 2nd June) and Sunday Lunch menus. The message from TMS is that if it is not on the menu please ask, they will see what they can do.

As a major change, TMS will also prepare food for members flexibly, whenever they are in the kitchen – so if you would like a bacon buttie and coffee at 10:00 am then just ask. TMS are also looking to extend the old normal catering hours and the Executive Committee are working with them on this.

Members will be pleased to note that smaller “senior portions” will be available at 70% normal price and that a separate Children’s menu is priced at £3.

TMS have prepared their initial menus can be seen at:

As the catering gets into full swing things will become clearer to everyone but in the early days we ask members to be patient. Getting a catering operation up and running from scratch is an enormous undertaking.