We have new Caterers!

Our new caterers who are called “Too Much Spinach Catering” start on Friday 1st June.  Dominic and Matthew with front of house manager Jack are going to start supplying food that Friday, we had a meeting with them in the club on Wednesday night and I have said that they should put together a menu for the first night, which we will shortly forward the membership by email. It is impossible to tell how many members are going to come into the club to eat supper from18:00hrs (i.e. 6pm) on ‘opening night’, whatever we do will be wrong: they will either bring in loads of food, and have a load left over, or bring in loads of food, get over run, and run out of food! So I am asking members to look at the menu, and book food in the same way we do for the music nights, I think this is the best way to start and will avoid Dom and Matt being wrong on numbers for their first evening. Shortly the menu will go out to you all, please support them and book food. If the evening goes as I hope, we may wind up using the hall, if upstairs is full, but on a summer evening that will be no hardship. They are great guys, they have great plans for the catering, they will be taking card payments, and we have a Front of house manager! I don’t think we have had one of those before!!
So that the new caterers can prepare properly, they will be working in the kitchen from Monday 28th May to get ready for opening day. That means there will be no Club  lunches on Tuesday 29th, Wednesday 30th and Thursday 31st with the new Lunch service starting Lunchtime on Friday  1st June at 1200hrs. Anna will serve racing suppers on Wednesday and Thursday evenings as normal and support other functions as arranged for the week.
Please support your Club. As I have previously said, the team from Too Much Spinach  want to impress us on their first day, we are an important venture for them and  it is important that we support them also.
If you are arranging an event with catering after 1st June, you can contact Dominic and Jack to make arrangements from this weekend onwards. They are keen to support us all. Their email contact addresses are:
WSC food enquiries at TMS catering:
WSC general enquiries at TMS Catering:
See you in the club on the 1st June.