Youth Training

Youth Training at Warsash operates on a voluntary parent-led basis with all parents involved either as coaches or support team.  We have a strong focus on encouraging the development of grass roots sailing and over the last 10 years the youth section has grown to over 160 children; with an age range of 6 -18 years, many of whom have gone on to represent GBR at various levels. The club prides itself on making sailing available to everyone and provides Optimists for at least the first 3 years of a child’s sailing development; after that we expect children to obtain their own boat, though we have some Picos and Fevas for older children.

The diagram below shows the progression through youth training with further details in the table below it. As well as offering opportunities for those wanting to sharpen up their Racing skills our programme also offers participants a chance to develop the Seamanship side of sailing via the “Seabass” and “Adventure” groups.

Places on the WSC Youth Training programme are typically filled by the start of the programme each year, late entry is therefore not usually possible and we cannot promise a place in advance. Only children who are members of WSC may join the  programme. Registration for the 2019  season was held on Sunday March 17th and we are now full to capacity.

Non-members wishing to join WSC, so that their children can take part in Youth Training in a particular year, are advised to apply for family membership by no later than the beginning of January of that year. This is so that their membership applications can be considered by the Executive Committee meeting held at the start of February. Children already holding RYA qualifications will be assessed by our Youth instructors to determine where their skills fit within our training programme.

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Thanks to our “Captain Splash” Tim Donovan parents that are new to Youth Sailing @ WSC can refer to this helpful guide to assist with location of equipment around the club here

Youth training groups
Group Objective Min Age
(and weight)
Min Entry Requirement Boats Used
Sprats Gain water confidence, being safe, wind awareness and having FUN. 6
(Year 1)
Enthusiasm Club Oppies
Kipper 1 Work towards: RYA Youth Level 1: Tacking, boat balance and sailing using Tiller Extension. 7
(Year 2)
Water confidence Club Oppies
Kipper 2 Work towards: RYA Youth Level 2: Sailing around a shallow triangle & gybing correctly. 8 RYA Youth Level 1 Club Oppies
Kipper 3+ Work towards: RYA Youth Level 3/4: Basic racing skills, starting, upwind, downwind & performance sailing. 8 RYA Youth Level 2 Your own Oppie
Sea Bass Work towards: RYA Youth Level 3: Sailing upwind, performance tacking & gybing, crewing & seamanship skills. 8
(35kg for Toppers)
RYA Youth Level 2 Club Picos or Your own Topper 4.2
Adventure Work towards: RYA Youth Level 4: Day sailing, seamanship skills, adventure & fun. 9
(35kg for Toppers)
RYA Youth Level 3 Club Picos or Your own Topper
Race Topper Gain RYA Youth Level 4: Racing skills, events & competitive sailing. 9
RYA Youth Level 3 Your own Topper
Race Feva Gain RYA Youth Level 4: Spinnakers skills & competitive sailing. 11
(combined crew weight >80kg)
RYA Youth Level 3 Club Fevas
Laser Gain RYA Youth Level 4: Racing skills, events & competitive sailing. 11
RYA Youth Level 3 Your own boat
Race Open Club racing, events, coaching & mentoring by WSC members. 12 RYA Youth Level 4 Your own Boat

Safeguarding Officer Mark Aitken